Sunday, September 02, 2007

New resource identifiers

Oracle RDBMS 11g has been rolled out. It got some (31) new resource identifiers. I'm going to file a bug making sure those are documented. Although I have doubts that all of them would be, some are internal and used in relatively rare cases than for instance TM or TX. Anyway, I already saw many people wondering what AE is... One sees it immediately after the connect:

SQL> SELECT type, lmode FROM v$lock WHERE sid = SYS_CONTEXT('USERENV', 'SID');

-- ----------
AE          4

Oracle has a neighbor EA :-) but AE is something different:

NAME                                   DESCRIPTION
-------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
AE [Edition Lock]                      Prevent Dropping an edition in use
AR [ASM Relocation Lock]               Protects locked extent pointers during ASM file relocation
AV [AVD DG Number Lock]                AVD DG unique enqueue
AY [KSXA Test Affinity Dictionary]     Affinity Dictionary test affinity synchronization
BB [Global Transaction Branch]         2PC distributed transaction branch across RAC instances
CA [Calibration]                       Lock used by IO Calibration
CO [KTUCLO Master Slave enq]           Enqueue held for determining Master Slaves
CQ [Cleanup querycache registrations]  Serializes access to cleanup client query cache registrations
DO [ASM Disk Online Lock]              Synchronizes disk onlines and their recovery
DW [In memory Dispenser]               Serialize in memory dispenser operations
FE [KTFA Recovery]                     Flashback archive Enqueue to serialize recovery
FX [ACD Xtnt Info CIC]                 serialize ACD relocation CIC
FZ [ASM Freezing Cache Lock]           Freezes ASM Cache for a diskgroup
KE [ASM Cached Attributes]             Synchronization of ASM cached attributes
KL [LOB KSI LOCK]                      KSI lock for buffer cache and wgc concurrency
KQ [ASM Attributes Enque]              Single Inst Sync of ASM attributes
MO [MMON restricted session]           Serialize MMON operations for restricted sessions
MX [ksz synch]                         Used to synchronize storage server info across all nodes
OD [Online DDLs]                       Lock to prevent concurrent online DDLs
RC [Result Cache: Enqueue]             Accessing a result in the result-set cache
RE [Block Repair/Resilvering]          Synchronizes block repair/mirror resilvering operations
RR [Workload Capture and Replay]       Prevents concurrent invokers of DBMS_WORKLOAD_*
RX [ASM Extent Relocation Lock]        Synchronizes relocating ASM extents
SJ [KTSJ Slave Task Cancel]            Serializes cancelling task executed by slave process
SL [Serialize Lock request]            Request serialization to LCK0
SO [Shared Object]                     Synchronizes access to Shared Object(PL/SQL Shared Object Manager)
TH [Threshold Chain]                   Serializes threshold in-memory chain access
TK [Auto Task Serialization]           Prevents more than one AutoTask Background Slave from being spawned
WG [Write gather local enqueue]        Long term lock on wgc file state
WM [WLM Plan Operations]               Synchronizes new WLM Plan activation
XL [ASM Extent Fault Lock]             Keep multiple processes from faulting in the same extent chunk

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